We are women who use our Time, Talents and Treasures to send girls to summer camp.


We send girls to camp.

T.T.T. chapters in 11 states focus on one National Project: sending girls to summer camp. Each year, hundreds of fourth grade girls experience life-changing time in nature, an experience they might not have had. LEARN MORE



We make friends.

T.T.T. members become sisters, forging a special bond that stretches across backgrounds, generations and geography. This sisterhood enriches our lives in many ways. LEARN MORE

We make a difference.

Ask any member and she will tell you that T.T.T. makes a difference – in the lives of our campers, in our communities, and in our own lives. Working together on a worthy project strengthens us all. LEARN MORE



One national project.

We send girls to summer camp. That's been our mission for more than 100 years. Camp has a profound and lasting effect on fourth-grade girls. We see it happen every summer. We see it as they grow into young women. We see it when they come back to be T.T.T. members. It is a simple, but profound mission, that makes a difference.



Local chapters, local campers.

When you become a member of T.T.T., you join a chapter composed of like-minded women dedicated to making their world a better place by working together. T.T.T. members work directly with girls in their community, helping them prepare for a week at camp and celebrating afterward.

Diversity in activities.

While T.T.T. is a national organization, focused on one project, every chapter has the freedom to work as they choose. Fundraising projects vary. Different events build fellowship. Even camper activities are customized to the time and talents of the chapter members.