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Every life is a story, just listen.

  • T.T.T. camp really was a special experience, I would liken it to what Cinderella felt when she met her fairy godmother... It truly was a life-changing experience for me..

    Stacy, a former T.T.T. camper

  • We often are not aware of the ongoing impact on their [the campers’] lives. Every moment spent with them makes a difference.

    - Linda McNeil, T.T.T. member and T.T.T. chapter camp chair

  • Thank you again for all of your support and guidance! T.T.T. definitely enabled me to have the confidence to get where I am today.

    - Nancy, a former T.T.T. camper

  • Coming from the perspective of both a T.T.T. member and camp counselor, it really is truly incredible to see how much that one week of camp can change a life.

    - Abbie Parker, Camp Wyoming staff and T.T.T. member

Ask any T.T.T. member…
…and she can likely tell you a number of stories about campers she's known.
She'll tell you about the changes she saw after just a week at camp.
Ask a former T.T.T. camper…
…about her experience and she will likely bubble over with tales
of campmates, counselors and activities. She might even burst into song!
Women who went to camp years ago smile at the memories of her T.T.T. adventure.


Jane DeGroff, a long-time T.T.T. member and a former T.T.T. camp director, tells the story of Lisa, a T.T.T. camper who surprised everyone during her week away from home.

Excerpt from a letter sent by a Guidance Counselor in a rural Nebraska town...

My husband and I adopted a little boy from Omaha four years ago.  We have an open adoption with his birth parents and over the years have grown to know and love his birth sister.  I know things have been tough for her for the last few years, and prayed someone would give her a boost in the right direction.

On the fourth of July, we met with her and her family in Omaha.  She told me how her teacher and counselor chose her to attend the camp near Sioux City.  I wish you could see how excited she was when telling me about her camping experience.  She has a shoebox with pictures and papers in it from camp. She sang me songs she had learned and told me about the girls and camp counselors she met.  What a wonderful memory she has of that time.

Don't ever wonder if you have made a difference in a child's life, because let me assure you, you have done just that.  I want you to know that you gave her some hope of what life can be like if she stays on the straight-and-narrow.  Through her camping experience she was able to get away from the apartment complex and to open her eyes to what life can be like. Thank you so much for caring for her.

We have the joy of hearing the laughter of our campers every year.
Is that something you'd like to hear?

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