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About Us

Meet our members

Members of the National T.T.T. Society - Camping for Girls! are devoted to making a difference. 

T.T.T. women enrich the lives of young girls at summer camp.
T.T.T. members join a trusting and caring group of women!

Our members come from diverse backgrounds, bringing unique talents and passions to our project. 

  • Each of us has something to contribute and we respect and value each person's effort. It's by working together that we can encourage young girls in our communities to become the best women they can be.
  • Just as importantly, by working together members also form deep bonds of friendship - bonds that are the foundation of our chapters - and that last throughout our lives. 
  • We aren't always serious.  Our members will tell you that it's just more fun doing things together!

Financial Reporting and Ways to Support National T.T.T. Society - Camping for Girls

  • National T.T.T. Society - Camping for Girls is registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit.
  • We are supported by member dues and gifts.
  • We also receive funding from Partner companies and foundations.
  • Support can be given by check, credit card or investment products: stocks or bonds. Please contact our office to arrange for investment transfers.
  • Become a Founders Circle member with a gift of $2500 or more. Please contact the office and complete the Founders Circle Form.

Documents available for download: