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More about membership

We all have the same amount of time each day, week and year, so our choices in how we spend our time make all the difference.

Here are some ways our members contribute their time to the Project of Camping:

  • meeting with the girls and their families.
  • going shopping with the campers for clothes and supplies for camp.
  • taking girls to camp and bringing them home.
  • attending camper follow-up events.

Paying for camp involves fundraising. Maybe that's your best fit:

  • planning and organizing fundraising events.
  • participating in chapter fundraisers like
    • selling cutlery, chocolates or crystal nail files
    • attending golf outings, fashion shows or wine tastings
    • delivering holiday poinsettias, and much more.
Our chapters are in the following areas:
Let us know how you would like to become involved.

Use the Contact Us - National T.T.T. Society - Camping for Girls form to start planning your connection with Camping for Girls!