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Giving back - Paying forward

National T.T.T. Society Service Weekend

Local opportunities to give back to the communities that support us.

T.T.T. Service Weekend has a two-fold purpose:
  • To show our gratitude for the local organizations and individuals who support our Camping for Girls project.
  • To be better known in our communities and seen as a force for good. 

Across the country chapters are making an impact on their communities.

Here are some of the ways our members are serving:

  • In Iowa, chapter members are collecting items for a local food pantry as part of their ongoing local support.
  • In Illinois, chapter members are cleaning up a school garden and planting new items.
  • In Ohio, chapter members are volunteering with their campers at a local charity that makes classroom supples for local teachers.
  • In Iowa, chapter members and their campers are participating in a community-wide Fall Pumpkin Festival.
  • In Minnesota, chapter members are volunteering to do fall clean-up on a community garden.
  • In Ohio, chapter members are volunteering at a charity that provides supplies world-wide to victims of floods, tornadoes and other disaster.

  • Working together always makes the work more fun.
    Serving together brings satisfaction and joy.

We are not hiding and saving all the fun for ourselves!

Part of the wonder of being women in a country of abundance is the ability to help those less fortunate.

Women of T.T.T. welcome women who have a passion for giving to others, sharing their blessings and generally doing good things.

Don't be shy, call or e-mail to find out about a chapter near you.

Or, call or e-mail just to find out more about why it is important to us to give to others. 

Call Jessica at our office: 319-385-7246 or e-mail