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Board & Staff

Leadership is a gift freely given.

The National T.T.T. Society is governed by two leadership boards elected by the membership.

  • The National Executive Board consists of seven elected officers and an appointed Parliamentarian. This Board conducts the business of the Society, sets directional policy, and oversees the financial well-being of the Society.
  • The National Project Board consists of a Project Administrator and six elected regional Area Project Chairs. This Board oversees all aspects of the Project of Camping for Girls. 

Members of the National Executive Board:

  • Joyce Rudowski

    National President, Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Julie R. Baker

    National Vice President, Naperville, Illinois

  • Daphne Emmack

    National Treasurer, Colfax, Iowa

  • Kim Langley

    Project Administrator, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • Pauline Phillips-Gill

    National Organizer, Keokuk, Iowa

  • Rachel Bly

    Recording Secretary, Grinnell, Iowa

  • Sarah Howdeshelt

    National Corresponding Secretary, Dayton, Ohio

  • Connie Boyce

    National Parliamentarian, West Des Moines, Iowa

Members of the National Project Board:

  • Kim Langley

    National Project Administrator, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • Brenda Davis

    Eastern Area Project Chair, Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Judy Cornett

    North Central Area Project Chair, Urbandale, Iowa

  • Bobbi Murray

    North Central Area Project Chair, Burnsville, Minnesota

  • Mary Jo Messerli

    South Central Area Project Chair, Anamosa, Iowa

  • Sarah Nemmers

    South Central Area Project Chair, Anamosa, Iowa

  • Marcia Jester

    Western Area Camp Chair, Broomfield, CO

The day-to-day operations and financial management of the Society are handled by Diversified Management Services (DMS) of West Des Moines, Iowa. Jessica Fink and Jessica Clark work closely with the National Boards to oversee the business and Project of the Society.