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We're better working together!

Partnerships built on respect and trust benefit everyone.

At T.T.T. we treat our campers with care and support.

We do the same for our Partners.

We believe that partnerships are more than a business arrangement. To have a true partnership there has to be more than money changing hands. Both partners have to benefit in more than one way. 

  • Understand the T.T.T. Project
    Understand the T.T.T. Project

    The Project of the T.T.T. Society is one thing: providing a life-changing experience of summer camp at no cost to the family.
    Since 1911 the women of T.T.T. have worked with local schools and social service agencies to select 10-year old girls who would benefit from a week at summer camp. We believe that summer camp is a unique place in which girls can flourish. We believe summer camp is a great start to a great future.

  • Lives are impacted
    Lives are impacted

    The American Camp Association research verifies the positive impact of summer camp. At summer camp there is always a plan, but within the plan life is spontaneous! At summer camp girls can choose new adventures with the guidance of caring counselors. They can enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, a walk in the woods or a swim in the lake. Often life-long friendships begin at summer camp and social skills get a boost. Freedom to try new things, and guided support are keys to learning and growing toward a bright future.

Partner with T.T.T. to create a brighter tomorrow for today's young girls!

At T.T.T. we understand partnership are a mutually beneficial relationship.

The benefit to T.T.T. is two-fold:

  • We benefit from the financial support of business and community leaders
  • We benefit by our association with well-known and respected businesses and community leaders.

The benefit to our partners is also two-fold:

  • You benefit by seeing your corporate values worked out in the lives of our future leaders.
  • You benefit from being connected with our members, their families, and the communities who are your neighbors and customers.
We would like to have a conversation about fulfilling our mutual goals. Please contact us to discuss your goals.

Our Audience can Benefit your Business.

The women of T.T.T. can be an attractive audience for your business:

Meet our members

  •     95% of members live in the mid-west
  •     64% enjoy leisure travel annually
  •     35% have family income greater than $150K
  •     71% have at least a bachelor’s degree
  •     95% own at least one home

Understand our members’ devotion to T.T.T.

  •     65% involvement with campers
  •     51% read magazine and e-mails
  •     94% use Facebook, 28% use Instagram

T.T.T. Resources to encourage your decision to Partner with us.

  • National T.T.T. Society partnerships give you access to our members, their families and our support network of schools, social service agencies and campers.
    Review who we represent and how you can be in front of our constituency.
    • A snapshot of our membership.
    • List of placement opportunities for your name.
    • Members' commitment to our Project.
    • Summary of T.T.T. financial responsibility.

  • Review the National T.T.T. Society IRS 990 form.

  • National T.T.T. Society operates on a two-year budget and reporting cycle to its members and supporters.

  • Answers to questions members and non=members ask about T.T.T.