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T.T.T. Ohio N members and life-changing project

Why are we devoted to the summer camp project?

  • Young girls often need a hand-up to realize how strong they can be.
  • Summer camp's spontaneous environment encourages girls to try new things and stretch their leadership and confidence muscles.
  • We love the smiles and giggles that we hear and see in our campers.

Who are the members of Ohio N?

  • Ohio N members live across the area from Anderson to West Chester and From Clifton to Lebanon.
  • Some members are working women, some are grandmothers, many are retired nurses and teachers.

What we do and Why we do it.

Who we are: Details and Fine Print

Support our Project and Campers

Maybe this isn't the right time for you commit to an organization. Even so, you may want to support our Camping for Girls project. If so, Click HERE to move to a Donation page with secure payment options.  Thank you for supporting our Campers.

If you would like to order amaretto chocolate covered pecans please click HERE.

For help with your donation, pecan order, or other questions: call or email Joyce at 513-791-8920 or