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Local Chapter Illinois AF
National T.T.T. Society-Camping for Girls!


We send 4th grade girls from Elmwood School to a week
of Summer camp at no cost to the family.
 Elmwood School staff helps
select girls who would most benefit from the camp experience. 



  • SPRING: Contact Elmwood School Social Workers to identify 4th grade girls who would benefit from a summer camp experience
  • JUNE:  Meet with campers and parents.  Fill out camp forms and determine clothes/toiletries needed for camp. Girls get acquainted.
  • SHOPPING!!  A favorite activity! We take the girls shopping for the clothes needed for camp.  A stop at Build A Bear is included because every camper needs a snuggly friend for their sleeping bag!
  • JULY: Ice Cream Social!  Campers and their families join us for ice cream sundaes and the campers receive their toiletries for camp at this "Camper Shower".
  • JULY/AUGUST:  Camp session at LOMC in Oregon, IL.  2 members drive campers to bus stop at Jewel on 75th St and I-355.  At end of camp, 2 members pick girls up from bus stop and drive them home.
  • DECEMBER:  Send the girls a Build A Bear gift certificate for a holiday gift.
  • FEBRUARY:  Valentine Cookie Bake.  Girls bake and decorate cookies to bring home to their families.


  • All Illinois T.T.T. Chapters attend Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center in Oregon, IL.  Oregon is located about 15 miles north of Dixon, IL.  Although LOMC is a Lutheran camp, they provide non-religious camping activities for T.T.T. campers.


  • Currently we meet on the third Sunday of the month at 1 pm at Julie Baker’s home, 913 Tulip Lane in West Highlands
  • We schedule meetings 9-10 months of the year, with no meeting in December or January
  • We rotate the “hostess” of the meeting who brings a light snack or dessert


We are always looking for ways to raise money for our camping program that includes:

  • All clothes and toiletries needed for camp. 
  • Holiday gifts and supplies for the Valentine cookie bake.
  • Transportation to/from bus to camp,
  • Cost of camp tuition is covered by National Organization, but chapters are strongly encouraged to pay this fee.

Help support our efforts by donating! 
Venmo: @nationalTTT-Society (last 4 digits of phone # is 0406)
Please use "Elmwood Girls" in the subject line. 


MEMBERSHIP:  Would you like to join us?

  • Active Member: for women who have time to support our Chapter activities and Sending Girls to Camp. Active Members try to attend as many meetings as possible and participate in as many activities as possible. Annual dues are $53. 
  • Associate Member-for those women who have limited time availability but would still like to support Chapter Activities and Sending Girls to Camp. Associate Members pledge to participate in at least 2 Chapter Activities each year.  Annual dues are $23.