Each year, T.T.T. chapters send hundreds of girls who have finished the fourth grade to summer camps across the country.


Accredited camps

T.T.T. sends girls to accredited camps owned and operated by qualified organizations, such as the YMCA, Girl Scouts, 4-H and church groups. Every camp must meet the standards set by the American Camping Association for quality in leadership, programming, health and safety.

Profound impact

Camp programs intensify interpersonal relationships and the camp atmosphere fosters love, concern and respect for one another. This environment gives each girl an opportunity to learn of her own worth, develop initiative, learn self-expression and live in harmony with others.

More than a week

T.T.T. members take the girls shopping for camp clothes and provide everything else they will need. The girls and women interact with other activities too. Chapters try to stay in touch with the campers, each in different ways. And, happily, some campers grow up to be T.T.T. members.



T.T.T. camps