Join us!

If you believe in our project – sending girls to camp – you should join T.T.T.!

Chapters in 13 states

T.T.T. chapters can be found in a dozen states: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Washington DC and Wisconsin.

Personal experience

When you join T.T.T., you become part of a group of women dedicated to making a difference in their communities – one camper at a time. Chapters work directly with the girls, shopping for clothes, enjoying fun activities together, and relishing in the stories and smiles the campers bring home. 

A place to grow

T.T.T. chapters offer a warm and friendly environment where women from several generations work together. Members find opportunities to make lifelong friendships, develop leadership skills, and make good memories.  



If you are a woman looking to expand your life by joining other women in a worthy cause, join us!
For more information about joining a chapter or starting a new one, please call 319-385-7246 or contact us.