About T.T.T.

The women of the National T.T.T. Society make a difference
in the lives of deserving young girls by providing them
with a summer camp experience. LEARN MORE


Who goes to camp?

Girls who have completed the fourth grade are chosen with the help of school personnel and community social agencies who know the girls and understand the impact a week at summer camp might have on them.



How did T.T.T. start?

In 1911, six young women decided to give back to their community by providing activities for girls in their hometown of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. They chose T.T.T. to symbolize the time, talent and treasures they wanted to share. In 1931, T.T.T. became a national organization.


What camps are used?

T.T.T. uses camps that are fully accredited by the American Camping Association. These camps match our goals for the girls – providing not only traditional camp activities, but also a life-changing experience. LEARN MORE


Who oversees T.T.T.?

Members serves as volunteers on a National Executive Board and Project Board. State chapters and area councils provide structure for multi-chapter events and projects. Local T.T.T. chapters are formed and run by women with a genuine desire to be of service to their communities through T.T.T. camping.


How is T.T.T. funded?

T.T.T. maintains a national fund to pay camp fees. The fund is financed through dues, gifts and earnings from investments, including an endowment fund. Chapters raise funds in their communities to pay for camper clothing and supplies.


Who can join?

T.T.T. chapters welcome new members age 18+ who want to join a group of like-minded women in our mission to send girls to camp. Chapters are located in 11 states and the District of Columbia. LEARN MORE



National T.T.T. Society

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